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Posted 16 Jul 2018

Starting this week I’m offering a flat-rate code of conduct evaluation for open source communities, user groups, and other small tech organizations who want to make sure they’re following best practices. I’ll spend up to an hour reading your policies and writing a report with my recommendations — this will be enough time to evaluate most codes of conduct. We’ll do a 30 minute online meeting to discuss the report and any next steps you may want to take. My fee for this service is $200.

If you’d like to get started, go ahead and book a session. You’ll need to pay up front (that’s what allows me to schedule smaller projects) and send me your materials at least 7 days before we’re scheduled to meet. In addition to your existing code of conduct, you may want to share blog posts, community discussions, and other policies or value statements you’ve created.

If you don’t want a synchronous meeting, we can do our follow-up conversation via email. Book a time slot (I’ll treat that as our deadline) and note how you’d like to discuss the report in the communication preferences field.

Additional services I could offer include drafting new policies, creating training plans, and working with you to build an incident response team. You can read more about my skills and background on my main consulting page.

I enjoy working with many different communities and would like to share my expertise in making your community safer and more welcoming to all participants. Scheduling a review session with me is an easy way to take the next step.

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