Code of Conduct Implementation and Enforcement

for technical communities such as open source projects, user groups, and conferences

What I offer

I can help you create an effective code of conduct education and enforcement program for your technical community. Project options include:

Who are these services for?

I work with the leaders and organizers of technical communities to help support the work you do in your community. You should already understand why diversity is important to your community, and be actively working on creating a more inclusive environment for participation. You either have already added a code of conduct, or are in the process of evaluating the best way to do so.

Why work with me?

I have 5 years of experience with code of conduct implementation and enforcement for open source projects and events. I’m one of the authors of the Citizen Code of Conduct in use by Open Source Bridge and many other communities and events. In addition, I bring over ten years experience organizing tech community spaces, including user groups, open source projects, and conferences. Plus nearly 20 years experience participating in open source communities.

How do we get started?

Email me and we’ll talk!