I’m a writer, community organizer, and software developer based in Portland, OR. I’m the editor and publisher of The Recompiler. Previously I founded Calagator, an open source community calendaring service, and co-founded Open Source Bridge, an annual conference for open source citizens.

My work is supported by The Recompiler, and also by individual readers and community members. If you find my writing, open source projects, and community organizing valuable, please consider making a contribution to help me continue this work.

Current projects:

The Recompiler

A feminist hacker magazine highlighting the work of under-represented groups in software development and technical infrastructure. We help people learn about technology in a welcoming and fun way.

Code of Conduct implementation and incident response training

I’ve been involved in developing and implementing a Code of Conduct for multiple events and open source projects over the past five years. The main code I use and promote is Stumptown Syndicate’s Citizen Code of Conduct, which I co-wrote with Syndicate and Open Source Bridge team members. This has led to working on the broader issue of how communities support healthy behavior and create accountability. I’m now working with Stumptown Syndicate to create an incident response training program for community leaders and participants, which you can find at Safety First PDX. You can also hire me as a consultant.

Open source development

Calagator, started in 2008, has grown from a single Rails app to an engine that can be configured and deployed for the uses of many more communities.

I work on a combination of mentoring, maintenance, and coding for the project. I’ve been building tools to help site administrators and event organizers. I’m interested in doing some code extraction for reuse around our event import and parsing code.

I also contribute to OpenConferenceWare, the software that powers OSBridge, and Citizenry, the directory software used by ePDX.

Community organizing

In the wake of the 2016 US elections, I’ve shifted my work on community safety and labor issues in tech toward looking at how we create stable and sustainable communities in the face of oppression. In the short-term, this looks like in-person conversations and solidarity meetings. Over the next year, I anticipate announcing new projects that will take on the issue directly.