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Posted 09 Feb 2022

Update: I’m no longer looking. Thanks for all the leads!

After a restful sabbatical, I’m ready to look for my next job. I’m interested in a staff or senior-level software engineering role. In the past I’ve worked on developer tooling like package managers and language servers, software installers and platforms, as well as other backend systems and APIs. Have a look at my resume for more details.

I’d like to find a small or medium-sized company – big enough to have HR policies and decent health insurance, but likely pre-IPO/buyout. I enjoy working on projects that are making the transition between a successful proof of concept and becoming systematized in order to expand and scale.

I have experience with Ruby, JavaScript/Node (and TypeScript), as well as some work in Go and Python. I’d be happy to add more languages to that list. My goal is always to have something new to learn. I’m often the one to take on puzzles like debugging regexps and detangling the dependency hell. I like finding order in the midst of chaos.

I enjoy mentorship and helping build a team’s body of practice. My ethos is strongly oriented around learning something, teaching it to the next person, and making space for others to grow.

I’ve decided to say no to any kind of live coding exercises or timed tests for this job search. I have years of open source code on GitHub that we can discuss instead. Please don’t contact me thinking I’ll be flexible about this – I will end the interview early if you try to surprise me.

I won’t be doing any professional travel in 2022 and am only interested in remote positions. I’m looking forward to attending in-person offsites and conferences again someday, but currently that’s outside my personal risk tolerance.

Any other questions? Email me – I look forward to chatting with you.

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