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Posted 07 Jan 2022

Lately I’ve been thinking about my professional identity and how my earlier work relates to the things that are possible and interesting today. It’s been cool to take another look at talks from a decade ago, unpublished drafts, and so on. Here’s a couple pieces on a common theme:

I wrote a new article about “The Fine Line Between Creepy and Fun”, a talk about social boundaries, data collection, and the internet from 2010. The context for this talk and the assumptions I had are so different than what I would start from now.

I also published a blog draft from 2012 that follows up on that talk with a discussion of the increasing impact of algorithms. So much of this has been normalized without really addressing the underlying problems.

Another item from 2012, just for fun: a recipe for vegan cheesy crackers (I guess I was thinking about having a section for recipes on here?). I probably haven’t made it since I wrote that up, so maybe that’s my weekend project.

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