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Posted 28 Mar 2019

Hi! My name is Audrey. I’m a software engineer, writer, and community organizer, and I care about the empathetic collaboration and service we create through open source software at its best. I’ve been a key organizer on an open source project which has lasted over ten years. I’ve founded a publishing house, releasing a series of magazines and a book. I’ve also contributed to community safety materials used all over the world.

Last week, I had an unexpected plot twist. I joined the npm cli team last fall and it’s been awesome — a great fit for my skills and interests, and a chance to contribute to a key project. Unfortunately, on March 22 npm laid me off as part of a reorg. As a result, I’m looking for something that will be equally amazing and give me a place to use my strong engineering and community skills.

I would love to continue:

  • working with a large and history-filled code base
  • collaborating with internal and external community contributors
  • complex engineering challenges such as dependency resolution
  • release management, including coordinating with up- or down-stream projects
  • supporting the community to participate and grow their skills, without taking unfair advantage of free labor
  • documenting everything I touch so the next person to try it is ready to go
  • working on a project that has a big impact for developers and the technology world
  • being a part of a team that already understands words like ‘privilege’ and ‘microaggressions’

I’m also great at:

  • crossing programming languages as needed to support a platform or application
  • asking the right questions and building consensus across teams
  • conference speaking and workshops
  • making sense of the complexities of modern free and open source software

I’m looking for a remote position with a small amount of travel. If you’re based in Portland, OR like me, I can come in for a weekly team meeting, or if you’re in the Bay Area I can plan a week on site each quarter. I’m great at remote work, communicating over text and video, and keeping other people in the loop. I will not do on-call outside of my Pacific timezone business hours.

At this stage in my career, I’m grateful that there are so many options for what I could do next. I’ve been in web development, mobile development, systems software, backend APIs, and devops. I’ve worked on product teams and as a consultant. I’m happiest when I’m further down the stack or working in ops, and when I have many opportunities to share and collaborate.

If you’re doing something that seems like a fit, get in touch! Thanks for helping me find my next thing.

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